Sunday, 22 February 2015

We're going on an adventure!

On a quiet, lonely evening I'm the type of person who looks through their gallery on their phone....which made me realise the perfect subject to write about on my return to this blog - my gorgeous birthday trip to Edinburgh with my boyfriend Ryan!

Edinburgh was a place I had always wanted to visit, with it's rich history, good food, great alcohol and vibrant spirit - a trip together to celebrate my 19th birthday in November was the perfect idea! I was even brave enough to leave the planning of the entire trip to Ryan to come up with, to all who know us both; this was a bold move on both parts....but he pulled it off amazingly!

As we had not long started new jobs when we booked the trip we set ourselves a strict budget to stick to for travel and acomodation; therefore travelling there by train was out of the window immediately as the cost of a single one-way ticket was almost double the price we managed to find a castle-view room at the Hilton for 3 nights for (!!!!) 
Flying is not a strong point for me and the flight times we could find were we were left with a ROAD TRIP!

For me, this was a fun and exciting idea - spending 4-6 hours at the side of my best friend on our first real 'road trip' singing away and helping him by controlling the sat nav and map - this was going to be one of my favourite moments of the whole trip!!!! For Ryan it went more along the lines of *oh no, 4-6 hours stuck in a confined space with the most irritating person I know, I have to concentrate and drive the whole time whilst she talks and sings to me relentlessly, she is awful to travel with and to say she was going to take Geography if she had gone to uni; she can't read maps and can't work a satnav...*

The drive turned out to be indeed one of the most fun parts of the trip, if not a little stressful due to our satnav and phone batteries cutting out the second we crossed the Scottish border, car trouble (wheel brushes SUCK on Astras) and getting lost in the centre of Edinburgh...
We fought big time over directions, music, how many hashbrowns a person should have from McDonalds at 6am (is 5 really too much?), stopping to pee and other road users....but we also laughed big time and the views were INCREDIBLE

Once we had finally somehow arrived at the hotel in one piece, we parked up in long-stay (we didn't need the car at any time during our stay) and were right on time for check-in! As an employee of a popular hotel brand, my expectations for the hotel, room and customer service were very high, (I would have stayed in a hotel from my brand; however their Edinburgh site had not yet opened at this point so we stayed at the Hilton Double Tree) and we were not disappointed! Arriving to warm smiles, a warm lobby and warm cookies - we were made to feel like the most important people to arrive that week and shown to our room - again; warm and gorgeous!

We had a view of the castle and the quaint traditional town-houses of Bread street, the room felt like we were the first people to ever stay and was decorated to a standard that even Mr Perfect was impressed with (seriously!!!) - dark, moody and calm.

After 6 and a half hours of driving all we wanted to do was shower and nap, it was 2pm so we did just that. Once clean and refreshed we headed out to explore the city just as the sun set. Edinburgh is easily conquered on foot, apart from in new I found out the hard way - meaning a well earned stop for Pizza was more than necessary...

On our walk back to the hotel, we found a gem of a bar/restaurant/cafe aptly named 'Ryan's' which was lit up beautifully - visiting Edinburgh around Christmas is a MUST if you haven't already. You will fall in love with the whole city immediately....we certainly did...

We decided breakfast here the next morning would be a good idea - and we were right! The inside of the place is good enough reason to visit!

The next day I was woken up by an excited Ryan who told me our plans for the day consisted of more exploring, lots of food and lots of SHOPPING so I was up and ready like a shot! Edinburgh is brilliant for shopping, especially close to Christmas, everyone is busy and excited. It is packed everywhere you turn but you never feel panicked (for me - that's saying something!) And there is every type of shop you could need or want, from high street, to department and independant. One of my favourite things about Edinburgh is that the modern elements of the city have been developed to fit into the traditional and historical buildings rather than covering them. They take care of their history and restore older buildings (inside and out) - the result is really quite beautiful. A prime example of this is Scotland's oldest department store: Jenners..

Once we had shopped till we dropped (and drank our weight in hot chocolate) we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner....and we looked a little something like this:

(Dress is the Abbey Clancy range at Matalan - cheap and beaut, can't go wrong)

I was then surprised with dinner at the gormet steak restaurant; Kyloe.
Hands down best steak we have ever had. Restaurant itself was stunning too; candle lit and with views right across Edinbrurgh city centre and the beautiful castle.
Beef dripping chips go down a treat with fine wine (classy)

The next day was our last full day of the trip and luckily for us the Christmas market opened this day too!
We spent a lazy morning watching rubbish on the tv in bed and then headed off to visit the castle, which, when it's mind-numbingly cold, feels like an absolute TREK.
Views aren't too shabby though...

After that it was a wander through the back streets that we hadn't yet searched, dinner at the cutest TGI Friday's ever (a tradition wherever we go as our first date was at a TGI's) and spotting a cheeky pub

And then it was Christmas Market time!

A huge hot chocolate and a nut cracker decroration purchased later, it began to fall darker and so we went skating together on the out door rink (no photos taken....for fear of falling)

Then Ryan was mean and dragged me on the big wheel...I'm petrified of heights so the smile you see took a little bit of force but you could see right across Edinburgh with it all lit up....turned out to be one of my most favourite parts of the trip...

Following this - we had planned on another meal out and even got all dressed up for the occasion...

However the weather took a turn for the worst and we decided completely against it...instead we stayed in (still dressed up to the nines) sat in bed watching movies and ordered a HUGE room service and a bottle of was the perfect end to the trip!

We fell in love with the place and we are desperate to go back again at some point! I would so recommend to go!!!!

Sorry for this blog being so long in length and for how long it took me to blog again too! 'Oh-My Emily-Rose' is certainly back in business now though - I have so much planned for this year that I want to share!

Watch this space as always - thankyou if you got all the way down to this part of the post without falling asleep! 

Lots of love, Emily-Rose xoxo

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Fave instagrammer of the week

I follow some of the most beautiful people on instagram. 

From their hair, to their makeup, to their clothes, their work out routines - I follow like the nosey bugger I am watching intently for a bit of inspiration. 

This week I had a good look through an instagram account that I had been following for a while who posts cute outfits that are mainly based around her beloved Timberland boots. 

I don't know quite why I love them so much, maybe it's the layout, maybe it's because I know it would never suit me and my thighs, maybe it's knowing I will never afford a pair of Timberland's myself...

Get following her - she sings too, with a UKULELE (even better!)

Lots of love, Emily-Rose xoxo

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Monday, 8 September 2014

The Liebster Award

EEEK! It's here! Finally something to promote those with a smaller blog following! 
Upon being nominated I feel like I should bring out my carefully worded Oscar speech that I definitely have not had ready for the past 8 years and definitely do not have written on my best paper in my best glittery purple gel pen in my best handwriting where all the letters link together... 

I would like to thank my parents and brother, for always believing in guys are my world and NO DON'T CUT TO THE MUSIC

I have been nominated by one of the most adorable people I know who's blog I envy (how DOES she find the time for so many amazing posts?!) Kassiella <3 Please go and look at her blog - I promise you it is much much better than my own! 

The rules for this are simple: 

✶ You must answer 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you
✶ You must link back to the person that nominated you
✶ You must nominate 11 bloggers (with under 200 followers) and give them 11 new questions
✶ You can not nominate the person who nominated you
✶ You need to leave your nominees a link to your post so they can know what to do

Sounds simple enough for me I should think...

Question 1 - What is your holy grail drugstore beauty product? 
I have one product that nothing else can compare to and that is my beloved Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner (the waterproof one of course because I am a permanent emotional wreck). I first used this product aged 12 when I was bored at home one day and discovered my mum's extensive makeup draw (she had one before they were a bblogger craze!!) It has taken me until now to get my liner even, 'flicky' enough and the right thickness, but not once has this little gem ever let me down. I have used so many other liners out of curiosity and none have come even close to the pigment, texture, wear and price of this absolute beauty of a product....excuse the pun.

Question 2 - Where is your favourite place to eat? 
Ah...'where do you fancy going to eat?'is possibly the only question that can cause an argument between myself and my boyfriend. It's such a hard question and usually comes down to what we fancy eating at the time... but even then it turns into the below: 

However somewhere you just cant beat is Frankie and Benny's - I just love the place, I love the theme, I love the music they play, I love the uniform the staff wear, I even love the fact they play Italian translation music whilst your sat on the loo! But mostly, I love their Californian Pizza; creamy goat's cheese, caramelised onions, rocket....I don't leave a crumb.

Question 3 - What is your most treasured possession?
Again this is a difficult one, I would definitely describe myself as a hoarder; you know the type of person that keeps Christmas and Birthday cards from their 8th Birthday purely 'because'. I'm going to say a couple of my most treasured things - my Great Grandma's beautiful vintage brush set, which sits proudly on my dressing table - she used to use them everyday but to me they are too special to be used so they sit pretty and safe and pristine. My Pandora jewellery, although now cliche and something every girl and their dog has; the whole idea of Pandora is that each charm or piece tells a story and my bracelet and ring certainly do. They remind me of fun, love, pride, friendship and sadly - some mistakes made too - but in the best possible way.

Question 4 - What, in your opinion, is the biggest fashion faux pas?
I'm probably not the best person to answer this question as I wouldn't class myself as a fashion expert in any way, shape or form - I simply aim to look like a celebrity and in real life look like celery.
However - something I cannot stand: clothes that are far too tight. I'm a culprit - I try to fit my junk (aka my bottom) into a small trunk (aka - Topshop joni jeans) and fail miserably. 'WEAR A BIGGER SIZE...DUH' I hear you shout.. yes I could - but the next size up feels like a tent on my waist and is baggy on my actual legs; so we go for the *I cannot sit down* look instead. However some take it too far for it to be acceptable - a double bum cheek isn't the nicest sight in the world and a sign to go shopping for new underwear (which is the best kind of shopping - so no excuses). If it feels like circulation is being cut off from your limbs, you cant fill your lungs to full capacity without popping a button and you feel like everything is on show - that is probably the case.

Question 5 - Describe your dream house
My grammar/punctuation police brain is screaming *that's not a question*.. but we will let that slide.
In my current job I see beautiful new-build properties being bought on a day-to-day basis and they are absolutely beautiful - but very out of my price range. I would love a cottage somewhere far away from the hustle and bustle of a smoggy city, where every room has been designed by myself and my boyfriend so it is very specific to us...I follow two people on Instagram who have done something similar with what was a pretty run-down house and turned it into an incredible home. They are Stacie Johns and her husband-to-be Jordan Franklin. Their home looks like this.....(excuse me whilst I scrape my jaw off the floor):

Question 6 - What is your current go-to outfit?
I'm a winter baby. Seriously - I was born less than a month before Christmas. So I find dressing for the summer a task and a half; combine that with my body shape and confidence and the fact I can't tan and you have a pale covered-up girl sweating in the shade. The autumn is finally rolling in however, so I am coming back into my element! My go to outfit would be black skinny jeans or leggings, chunky black boots, an over-sized t-shirt and an over-sized coat. I always have to have a statement bag too - one day I will have enough money for a designer one, but for now - I am very impressed with Primark's current bag stock. My current favourite is a structured light grey tote which was only £10 but looks like 10x that!!!

Question 7 - Who/What inspired you to start blogging? 
The obvious and very popular answers are the usual names you see - Zoella, Sprinkle of Glitter (The lovely Louise), Pointless Blog TV (Alfie), Tanya Burr etc but also a few less well-known names including the most stunning and fashionable person I have ever come across - Shirley Beniang. Of course I knew my blog wouldn't be an instant hit as all of the above's weren't, and to me it wasn't about fame and fortune - it was almost a test to see if anyone would even read it, never mind come back to read another post or be kind enough to follow me! I have had a youtube account for a while now, mainly for my cover videos but I do eventually want to move on to vlogging - I just have an awfully annoying voice and a slight lisp so we shall leave that for now!

Question 8 - Which is your favourite make-up brand? 
I can honestly say I don't have a favourite, every product I currently use on my face is a different brand and that is just what works for me! I am constantly changing what products I use most (apart from my trusty eyeliner mentioned above) as my teenage skin is ever changing and very sensitive (see my previous blog on the Simple products). I currently love: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation SPF 20, Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder, Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder, Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Duo, Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner in Waterproof Black, Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes MascaraMax Factor Lasting Colour Collections Lipstick in Pink Brandy and Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Plumping Lipgloss.

Question 9 - What is the first memory you can recall?
Right - I'll be honest with you, I was a hot blooded child in the sense that I stripped off at every opportunity. You will all be pleased to know I no longer do that, if you haven't already noticed. But I literally was that little naked troll with a honey blonde afro strolling confidently into the sea when it's the middle of November whilst her parents and brother look on in shame wrapped up in their wellies and coats....
So my first memory that I can recall right now is my brother shouting 'NAKED SISTERRRRRR' down the beach in Norfolk in sheer horror. I could probably remember further back than this but it's 11.30pm and my brain won't co-operate.

Question 10 - Do you have any tattoos? If not, would you get any in the future?
Currently, I am ink free for 2 reasons: 1) I have a severe needle phobia and 2) my parents would go insane.
Yes I am 18 and therefore a legal adult who pays board each and every month and has a right to her own decisions and skin, but I respect my parents' opinion's more than anything. Some tattoos are absolutely incredible, some are mediocre and some are just plain laughable - but they are on you for life! My boyfriend currently has a large tattoo on his rib and has half completed his first sleeve. He is keen to get it completed and move on to his other arm and I absolutely love his tattoos. It's weird looking back at pictures of us together when he didn't have them and it wouldn't make a difference to me if he had them or not - his tattoo artist is truly an artist - people from all over the world come to the tattoo parlour he goes to; so the quality is as good as it gets. Yet I still cannot pluck up the courage to get one myself.
If I did man up - I already know exactly what and where...but you will have to watch this space.

Question 11 - What is your best physical feature? 
This is one of those questions where whatever you say - you will get someone whining going 'oh my godddddd you're so full of yourself' even if I was truthful and admitted - look I really don't like any part of myself.
But if I had to answer - I would say my eyes or lips. My eyes change colour depending on the weather (Green in the summer and Grey in the winter) and my lips just suit my face! MWAH!

hahahahaa just got to the end of this and realised I was supposed to answer the question's Kassi had detailed at the end of her post......Oh my well that will be another post next week (sorry angel!)

I nominate the following blogs:

* My beautiful twinnie from Fashion Through The Eyes Of Emily 
*My lovely Alice from Pals Kitchen
* The stunning Koren from Bits and Blossom Drops 
*A new find - Tamara from Too Clumsy for Cavalli 
*Another new find - Katie from Katie Writes

So in my error - I will list the questions that Kassi asked me to answer below for you to answer instead:
✶ What genre of blog do you read the most? Beauty, fashion, lifestyle, or other?
✶ Are you a Summer or a Winter person?
✶ What's one thing people many not know about you?
✶ What are your top three travel essentials?
✶ If you could time travel to another era, where/when would you go?
✶ If you were the opposite sex, how different do you think you'd be?
✶ What's the one beauty product that you wish you'd never bought?
✶ How would you describe your fashion style?
✶ What are your top five films?
✶ Do you have a happy place? If not, describe what your happy place would be like
✶ Post a selfie!

And of course I will do that myself in a later blog post!

If you have made it this far reading this- you are my favourite <3

Lots of love, Emily-Rose xoxo

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

'English Rose' - Simple Kind To Skin - product review

Now as a small disclaimer - this post is purely because for the first time in as long as I can remember - I have a bit of confidence in the skin I am in. 

I have very pale (and I mean very, pale.) sensitive skin. I always have and I always will - it's the skin I am in forever. I am so pale you can see every vein on my hands, wrists, feet, legs, neck, chin etc - it's almost see through. My beautiful mother has a condition called vitiligo and her non-pigmented skin 'patches' are darker than my natural skin - which she finds hilarious by the way.

Now you may be thinking ''so what - lots of people are pale'' and yes you are right, but me and my mum have our theories that my pale-ness may be some form of relation to vitiligo.. but all over, this is further spurred by the large patch of 'normal pigment' on my right thigh. I burn in the sun almost instantly and have to wear factor 50+ even on some days in winter as even the sun's reflection on the snow along with the cold winds can cause my skin to redden angrily. And don't even get me started on the effect rain has...

Holiday's are a nightmare - my skin flares up in a violent heat rash and burns to a crisp no matter how careful I am. Any sort of 'tan' you may see is most definitely from a bottle. 

Mmm Ryan's a lucky boy! He was so concerned about this!
Sadly the worst part of the heat rash is still on my left ankle - over a month after returning from our holiday..

The skin on my face is the most sensitive - I had blisters around my hair line from the skin burning within a day or two of reaching Rhodes. I have to wear a minimum of factor 20 foundation on top of my usual suncream and now have to invest in expensive brands after multiple reactions. Bye bye bank balance my precious but dwindling little baby. 

As much as I would like not to wear any foundation at all, like I said - my veins are painfully visable and I have very strange colouration differences - plus the foundation provides that extra bit of protection too! 

I have to admit however that up until the last year or so, I was awful when it came to removing makeup and looking after the fragile skin underneath.. I used to use nothing but a single face wipe to get rid of the muck, causing me to break out from blocked pores and a build up on the areas I didn't quite get to! 

So something had to give and I had to force myself to spend a few extra pennies and a few extra minutes to treat my skin...

I knew I couldn't just walk in to a shop and pick up any random scrub, cleanser, toner and moisturiser. It would have to be a sensitive skin brand. The first name that jumped to mind was 'Simple', although I had heard mixed reviews about it causing more harm than good to some users - but I gave it a shot anyway and I cannot believe how much difference it makes!!! 

 Currently I use the following products, but aim to get more, they even do shampoo now which would be perfect for me - you still have skin on your scalp, mine still happens to be just as sensitive! Plus they have a new extra-sensitive Derma range which sounds amazingly gentle! 

Simple - Kind To Skin - Smoothing Facial Scrub - £3.29

Simple - Kind To Skin - Purifying Cleansing Lotion - £3.29

Simple - Kind To Skin - Soothing Facial Toner - £3.29 
(strangely found on the cleanser page of the simple website...and not on the toner page...interesting) 
Simple - Kind To Skin - Replenishing Rich Moisturiser - £3.99 

I am not being paid to say any of this. I will just let you all know that. All product details are simply found on their website and prices are as of Tesco at the time of this post. I have no contact with anyone at Simple, but I simply cannot get over how much better I feel in my skin! It is incredibly soft and smooth and healthy. There are no longer mystery bobbles on my forehead, my red rashes are no more, I have had no reactions what so ever and a lot of the products are spf 15 which is a big *WIN WIN* for me! There are no artificial perfumes, dyes or harsh chemicals, so only using ingredients that are safe for skin, DAMN RIGHT!

I simply (haha no pun intented honestly!) use as intended once I have removed the main body of my make up with my usual face wipes, although I'm tempted to buy the Simple wipes too - and apply as little pressure as possible when using the scrub to prevent any damage to my face. I'm also very careful to avoid my eyes - I'm looking to purchase the eye makeup remover as I am a bugger for getting makeup or products in my eyes and cursing myself!! 

I would never usually show my bare face to anyone - but with the change I have experienced, the no-make up selfie that went alongside my donation for cancer research some time ago was less traumatic than I first thank you Simple!

Do you have any skin care tips? I am constantly learning!! 

Lots of love, Emily-Rose xoxo

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Overwhelming tidal waves

So this blog post was almost expected by most of you.. 

On Thursday, we lost the love of our lives - our Angel Boy Bob. 

Bob was our beautiful family member, not pet, for almost 10 years, meaning I don't remember that much before having him in our lives. He was a gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, runt of the litter who fell into our lives and became our sunshine at a very dark time who continued to make us all smile each and every minute we were blessed to have him in our lives for from that day. He took the heart of everyone who met him from the moment they walked through the door..

He was not 'just a dog' and those who were honoured enough to have met him or truly know him and therefore experience the love he had for every person and animal he met, will completely understand when I say he was actually human. This is partly why our grief over our loss is so horrific and strong - he wasn't just one in a million, he was the one. 

Bob was entirely happy and healthy for the majority of his 9 and a bit years, being the runt of a pedigree litter, he actually grew to twice his parent's size within 2 years and was extremely chunky and tufty - a far cry from the usual spindley, ringlety King Charles pedigrees. He always had a good hair chop a few times a year from his very special Aunty Clair, mainly due to how hot he became in the summer, but also due to the fact he used to drag his ears in his water bowl and then into his food bowl or the ground outside and he smelt so awful! He also looked like he did as a puppy with a short cut - so that was our 'selfish' reason for it too.

However he always had an irregular heart-beat from birth and a small stroke 2 years ago that caused him to develop Bells Palsy in the left side of his little face. It never caused him any discomfort or problems until he turned 9 - and developed a condition that affects almost half of King Charles' by age 5, and almost all King Charles' by age 10, if they are lucky enough to reach that age - Mitral Valve Disease. He had been hacking/coughing for a week or so and was very weak and short of breath, off his food and very lethargic so we took him to the vets who confirmed our deepest fear - he had the disease and we could only make his life more comfortable with tablets, we could not pro-long it, there is no cure for this disease. The tablets seemed to bring our normal Bobby back for a few months, but in the last week running up to his passing, he was extremely weak and had a seizure on Monday - almost as if to warn us... 'I wont be here much longer so please prepare yourselves and get your fear out of the way now'. Nothing could ever have prepared us for losing our little rock though. 

He passed completely calmly, fast asleep on his favourite spot on the sofa, he was in no pain or discomfort and had waited until he knew we were all in the house - all of his pack were there. We noticed within seconds, and spent the rest of the evening sobbing and telling him how much we loved him... it was the most peaceful and dignified passing he could have had, we would have never have been able to have made a decision if it had come to that point - even in his final moments he was loving and selfless.

We have been heart broken ever since and our worlds are truly upside down now with the loss of our special little man, but he wouldn't want us to be sad or crying - it would have stressed him and he would have licked our faces and made us small of bad fish... 

He would have wanted us to think back to the brilliant memories we have of him and the silly things he did that made us belly laugh until our stomachs hurt, so I have listed some of my personal favourite memories below:

- Every Christmas - the outfits, the games, the 'make sure he doesn't get in the dining room and get all of the food', the 'hide his present in the cupboard so he cant sniff it out', the 'everyone needs to let us know if they are giving us an edible present so we don't put it under the tree where he will sniff it out', the 'no edible tree decorations, he knows how to get through net bags and foil wrappers', the 'oh my god who hasn't warned us about an edible present there are chocolate wrappers all over the lounge', the 'who left the dining room door open, he's on the table!!!' and the 'I want to join you all' (in his voice) when we played games...

He never ever sat perfectly still for photo's first time...

- The Birthday parties - where he was actually the main attraction - (and rightly so)...

- The holidays - he was so good on the long journeys there and back, never once barking, always sitting still and never wetting himself (we fed and watered him on a very regular basis and took him for a walk at every service station we passed of course). He was part of the family and we had so much fun with him there...

- The baths and showers - such a good boy right up until the moment you tried to blow dry him, where he would go ape and wipe his sopping wet ears across the floor convinced he had water inside them (we were always careful - he never had water in them) and then shaking himself all over the walls, us, any guests we had, the cats etc...

The cutest little baby there ever was <3

- The stealing of food - forget 'That's poisonous for doggies Bob!' if he wanted it, he had it, be it an entire chocolate gateaux from a LOCKED dining room (he was more intelligent than he looked) the entire contents of the bin (he did develop Garbage-gastritis once - seriously it's a real thing), a packet of cough sweets from someone's bag, a packet of chewing gum from someone's bag, a punnet of grapes, nets of chocolate coins in foil, cat food, guinea pig and rabbit food, frozen chips, frozen sausages, piping hot items from the oven, any thing left on plates when they went in the dish washer, horse radish covered starters, carrots, peas, anything we happened to accidentally drop within 0.000002 seconds, anything on your plate and cupcakes by the batch... 'I promise I didn't have a cupcake mummy honestly'...

Sometimes he was too cute not to treat though... 

- The kisses and cuddles - although in his later years his breath smelt vile despite his amazingly pristine teggies, his kisses and cuddles were the best around and they are definitely what I miss the most, my little fluffy monkey.. 

- The silly seating positions - he ruled the sofas, no matter who was there or where they were sat - he sat where he liked and only moved if HE trumped as if he was disgusted at YOU for the smell...

Our sofas will always be bent in at the top as a reminder of the great big heffalump that thought if the cats did it, he could too... 

- The secrets we told - Bob was there for every heart break, every worry, every angry thought and every happy surprise - he knew more secrets about each of us than we or anyone else did, he was the best at secrets and never told a soul and for that I will be eternally grateful... he always acted as though he hadn't heard though, and just woke up with his 'funny wip'...

- General laughs and love - we never met anyone or anything that was as cute, loving, funny, pure and caring as Bob, and I am 100000% sure we never will either, he was the most incredible angel in the world and heaven is lucky to have him tripping them up, letting off smelly air biscuits and cuddling them until they are truly happy <3 

It will not ever get easier, but I saw something recently that made me think 'I have to keep going for him, we all have to keep going for him' - 

I love you with all of what is left of my heart after you took a huge piece of me with you my baby, I will see you again very soon I promise my angel boy.. 

Bed time Bobby, night night sweetheart <3 

Lots of love, Emily-Rose xoxo